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Multi Vitamins Red Softgel -90


Bahula Poshakaveda

Holistic mineral & vitamin supplement


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Product Name: Multi Vitamins Red Softgel -90

Quantity: 90 Softgels


Aim of providing this Multi Vitamins capsules in soluble, Soft-gel form is to serve people in village side with very less income.

This Multi Vitamin capsule is far better than big brands Multi vitamins tablets in the market. It is bio produced nutrient,

This helps providing required daily vitamins, nutrition and minerals to the body.


  1. It will help managing good health, anti aging and act as support from all kind of chronic illness.
  2. It Boost metabolism
  3. Increase immunity
  4. Energizes and stress buster
  5. If this Multi vitamin capsule taken along with Fish oil + Algal DHA further helps providing require fatty acids, vitamins and helps in managing cardiovascular diseases by balancing HDL level.


Take this Multi Vitamin capsules (2 capsules) along with Fish oil ( 1 capsule) + Algal DHA (1 Capsule) – 2 times a day.