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Danta Dauti Taila


Herbal Mouth Pulling Oil for all Ages

Herbal Mouth and Teeth Detox oil

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Product Name: Danta Dauti Taila

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Entire Yoga begins in mouth. The ancient method of oral cavity detox is done by medicated oils of sesame , ginger, cinnamon, tulsi, fenugreek, cloves, lemon etc. The sesame oil is well known for detox of skin and senses related problems. Ordinary Sesame oil either cold pressed or refined tastes bitter and astringent and not suitable for oral, skin and cooking purposes. The sesame seeds need to be blended with completely dried chemical free pure cane Jaggery powder instead of molasses before pressing and also to be filtered ten times to remove unwanted debris, which could be containing toxins or pollutants from produce. This sesame oil thus specially produced for mouth detox purposes.

Two to three times a day of oil pulling using this oil would give immediate feeling of freshness, mouth free from bad odor significant relief from dental pain . Within no time one can notice teeth becoming white, strains and plaque removal, regrowing of gums and strengthening of enamel and freedom from sinus problems, fold less skin on face, strong teeth, freedom from tonsil related problems.

Usage: Take 20 ml in to empty mouth and swish rigorously for white teeth at least 12 minutes and further up to 20 minutes until oil feels like water lighter in the mouth. It has to be done twice a day in the morning and before bed time.

Note: 5 ml of oil swishing for 4 to 5 minutes does not much purpose other than freshening the mouth and to keep it free from bacteria and smell