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Bio Vegan Protein 100% Peptides 2KG Coffee


Natural Coffee Flavour

Highest biological available Vegan Protein (100%)

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Product Name: Bio Vegan Protein 100% Peptides

Quantity: 2 KG


This product is bio produced using advanced membrane technology using rich indigenous vegan sources of protein.

It dissolves completely and absorbs quickly, before and after work out, children for their growth, those sick and for ageing population its easily digestible without any residues.

It is the most advanced clean protein in comparison to rice, pea, soy protein concentrate or isolates.

Controls acidity. It can be had hot for immediate anabolic action and protein synthesis.


  1. Complete Conversion with Zero Residual Protein
  2. Contains plant digestive enzymes for bloat free feeling
  3. Instant anabolic drink
  4. Instant energy booster


2 Scoop in 300 ML hot water twice a day.